Different forms of fashion illustration

Designers and manufacturers use fashion illustration as a reference when designing and producing clothing items. Fashion designers who achieved fame in their chosen industry did so by sketching breathtaking designs –or asking someone to do so for them. So, if you want to make a name for yourself in this fiercely competitive industry, you’ve got to take fashion illustration serious.

Fashion illustrations are basically graphic diagrams which serve as visual aids. They mostly find use in fashion magazines, and are created by fashion illustrators. Fashion illustration has been in existence ever since man learnt to wear clothes. Fashion illustration has been there at every step of fashion evolution. Fashion educators have used them extensively, designers too have made extensive use of them in communicating their designs.

The different forms of fashion illustration

Fashion illustration is of different types. Fashion illustration here does not necessarily mean clothing diagrams. It could also mean lingerie illustration, jewelry illustration and many more. Fashion illustration is any form of visual aid that explains trends in the fashion industry. To make fashion illustration more visually appealing, it is important for a fashion illustrator to mix colors in a creative manner. However, blowing colors out of proportions can completely ruin an illustration.

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